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As the world becomes more competitive, proper business etiquette plays an important role in the success or failure in both individuals and the companies they represent.
In today’s competitive marketplace, most decisions are based upon how we are perceived. If your image and communications lack professional panache you’re giving business to the competition.
Without etiquette, you limit your potential, risk your image, and jeopardize relationships that are fundamental to business success.
Become the envy of your competitors and associates, when confidently conducting business with all ranks of clients. So, create an image that tells your clients that you mean business.
Lunch & Learn
Does the professional presence, physical appearance, attitude and communication skills you or your employees project represent you or your business in a successful way?
We make a positive difference by offering customized training seminars and fun programs such as Lunch & Learn to corporations, medium to small sized businesses and special interest groups. Have lunch and learn business etiquette from the pro. This program can be offered on-site or off-site once or several times a month.

Business Dining Skills
Whether they waved their fork in the air to make a point, or talked with a mouthful of food, these were signs that they would not make a good impression on clients, or would not fit in with senior management at a business lunch or dinner.
Participants will learn to project the right professional visual image for themselves and at the same time, never again have to worry about using the proper business dining skills.
Entertaining Etiquette for Business Settings
The impression that is made at a business lunch or dinner can be long lasting - both positive or negative. Being unaware of inappropriate conduct while socializing or neglectful of your professional appearance can be strikes against you in the eyes of your business associates.
Result: Participants will master the art of entertaining professional business guest and will feel more in control while attending business social events.

Business Etiquette
It's more than just the way you look or dress... It's all about the way you present yourself - the most successful men & women today know how to project a professional presence.
Result: Participants will learn the skills necessary to generate the positive impressions needed to develop clients and establish lasting business contacts.
Travel Etiquette & Wardrobe Attire for the Business Executive
Each journey should also begin with the knowledge of travel style and the rules of the road. We have so many different ways of traveling now, that it presents us with a lot of problems and questions about behavior, business travel wardrobes and the type of etiquette that is required.
Result: Participants will learn the correct business traveling etiquette and appropriate wardrobe attire - which constitutes an astute business traveler.

International Etiquette  While markets have expanded beyond our borders into countries with dramatically different cultures, social travelers and astute executives realizes that the manners they are accustomed to may not be enough to succeed in today's international environments.
Result: Participant will learn the perfect words to say or not to say and the correct behavior to use in a wide rage of cross-cultural situations.
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