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The Etiquette Programs

Developing Leadership Skills That Last a Lifetime

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Family Respect
On My Own
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Successful Image
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Friend Success
Social Savvy
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Dating Survival
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Building Self-esteem

A return to traditional values is bringing about an increased appreciation of civility. A foundation of good manners gives young people of all ages an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills.
These programs will teach the 21st century etiquette for Today's New Generation of Kids.
It's a brand new ballgame out there, let's give our kids the right tools not to strike out.
Rita is a certified etiquette consultant from The Protocol School of Washington, DC.
Today's Children/Tomorrow's Leaders

Etiquette for Children in Today's World
: The following programs are for parents who recognize the importance of Proper Etiquette Awareness. In today's world you need to provide your children with the tools they need to increase their self-esteem, so they can develop stronger family relations and to prepare them to enter into today's society. Politeness and sensitivity to others are not only the building blocks of good relationships, but also a crucial ingredient of later success in a career. Good manners clearly are one of the most crucial ingredients in today's world.

Children that are skilled with proper manners have many advantages over other children.
The ability to have proper manners helps a child build a healthy self-esteem at an early age.
Children who have self-esteem tend to be happier and feel better about themselves.
If your child is fortunate enough to learn these skill when they are young, there is a strong likelihood that they will grow up to be a leader, and have a healthy self-esteem throughout life.

Positive results can be accomplished easily by a non-threatening and non-parental figure. Enriches the family experience, contributes to a kinder and gentler home life.
Creates ground for better communication in sibling relationships.
More polite, respectful and positive children: gives parents a sense of pride.
Reinforcement tool for what is being taught at home and instills what is not.
Guidelines and standards for home behavior and behavior in public places.
Relief of responsibility of doing it all by themselves.
A rewarding return on your hard work and parental investment.

Turns self-consciousness into self-confidence and self-pride.
Fulfills need for more self-discipline.
Development of better interaction skills with others.
Preparation for social and business encounters.
Increases awareness of others and self-respect.
Establishes positive life-long habits.
Guidance to fulfilling lifetime purposes and goals.
Self-empowerment to face challenges and succeed in an ever-changing world.

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